Estadio Víctor Agustín Ugarte

Estadio Víctor Agustín Ugarte, also known by its old name Estadio Mario Mercado Vaca Guzmán, is a multi-purpose stadium in Potosí, Bolivia.

It is currently used mostly for football matches, on club level by Club Bamin Real Potosí and Nacional Potosí. The stadium has a capacity of 32,000 people. The stadium was originally called Estadio San Clemente, but was renamed Mario Mercado Vaca Guzmán after some modifications on the structure, including new illumination towers, were made. Newer modifications led ultimately to its actual name. Located 3,960 meters above sea level, the stadium is the highest in the world. It has raised numerous controversies in footballing circles, as its significant altitude affects the absorption of oxygen in the human body, offering considerable advantage to the home team who are more accustomed to such conditions.

Address: Av Highland Players 341, Villa Imperial de Potosí, Bolivia
Capacity: 32 105 (sometimes limited)
Phone: +591 72441225
Teams: Club Real Potosí, Nacional Potosí